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New invention: No more freezing problems! The only solar water heating system developed to prevent freezing problems!
EDS USA Inc developed a smart product which is registered as a global patent, intended for quick water heating, at the office or at home, without grid power.

The device operates by transforming solar energy into AC electric energy then into thermal energy for maximum efficiency.
The device allows for operation as an off-grid solar thermal system.

The process is computer controlled (DSP), transforming the solar energy into electric energy, directly to the boiler, without batteries, without connection to electricity and without pumps and pipes.

Liberty BoxThe next generation in water heating Genius patent, economical and “green”

The City of Tallahassee Florida tested the
Liberty Box PV-SWH System.
for city testing results

Renewable Energy Incentives

This solar product qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit, as well as State and Local incentives for renewable energy. More info on renewable energy incentives.

         FSEC Certification




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